27th Congress of the European Association of Hospital Managers27th Congress of the European Association of Hospital Managers




GLINTT is a leading player in healthcare services, offering consultancy and technology solutions to pharmacies, hospitals and other stakeholders of the healthcare value chain for more than 20 years. Nowadays, our solutions are used in more than 200 hospitals and clinics and more than 12.000 pharmacies in the Iberian Peninsula use our management software. Our vast knowledge about the market and the solid relationships we have built with our partners, based on reliability and mutual trust, allow us to understand what is relevant and to turn our knowledge into sustainable and valuable solutions.

GLINTT has been focused on fostering innovation and leverage technology to promote better healthcare at controlled costs. Actually, innovation is integral to GLINTT’s mission to “contribute with technological innovation to improve the levels of health and wellbeing in the global society we live on”.

GLINTT is uniquely positioned in the healthcare value chain, with access to delivery channels, proprietary software solutions and a network of experts, being supported by people with know-how and experience in healthcare and technology which bring the capacity for technological and scientific delivery and innovation.

Because of that, as partner for innovation, GLINTT can act across all stages of the innovation process bringing unique and differential assets at each step. Our people and network grant us with knowledge and access to key players in the health ecosystem and unique conditions to participate in innovation projects as mentor or consortium participant.

As a result of our focus on excellence, our significant investment in R&D, the many partnerships we have established with leading universities and our participation in several international consortiums, GLINTT is proudly owner of a remarkable intellectual property portfolio.

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