27th Congress of the European Association of Hospital Managers27th Congress of the European Association of Hospital Managers

Carl Savage

Researcher and Teacher, Karolinska Institutet

Carl Savage, PhD., is a senior researcher and co-lead of the Clinical Management research group at the Medical Management Centre at the Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, Sweden. The clinical management research group aims to improve clinical impact by contributing to the knowledge about how we can coordinate, lead, and improve the delivery of health care services so as to achieve better outcomes for patients and create value for staff, individuals and their families. Great work that is being done in health care today, which is why our goal is to establish long-term research and educational collaborations with health care providers so that what works can be understood and shared with many. Current projects include research and teaching on value-based health care and time-driven activity based costing, physician leadership development, team training to improve patient safety, business model thinking, and quality improvement in complex health care organizations.


Management Matters

Breaking Free from Management Trends

Dealing With Complexity


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