27th Congress of the European Association of Hospital Managers27th Congress of the European Association of Hospital Managers

SUCH - Shared Hospital Sterilization Service

Presentation: SUCH is a private non-profit association of healthcare providers created in 1965 that develops shared services for its associates and third parties at the international level. This Sterilization Centre is a functional clinical support unit with technical autonomy, with its own equipment and human resources, in order to carry out, centrally, for several hospitals, all the phases inherent in the cycle of reprocessing medical devices of multiple use: i) Collection, transportation, reception and sorting; ii) Washing and decontamination; iii) Drying; iv) Inspection, assembly and lubrication; v) Preparation, packaging, sterilization, storage and distribution. With total area of around 3,000 m2, this unit is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and the latest technology in order to process medical devices that are safe and suitable for the intended use and to ensure the satisfaction of its users by providing a quality service. At the moment serves two major hospital centres and the the primary care centres within the Lisbon Region. SUCH is developing across the country other centralized reprocessing units for multiple-use medical devices, in compliance with all legal and other related regulatory requirements. website: Venue: Parque da Saúde II – Hospital Pulido Valente - Lisboa Programme 26 September 2018 15h00 | Departure from the Estoril Congress Center 15h30 | Welcome to participants 15h40 | Presentation and overview of SUCH and Shared Hospital Sterilization Service 16h00 | Q&A 16h15 | Visit to facilities 17h45 | Closing 18h00 | Departure to the Estoril Congress Center 18h40 | Arrival at the Estoril Congress Center

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