27th Congress of the European Association of Hospital Managers27th Congress of the European Association of Hospital Managers

NOVA National School of Public Health (ENSP-NOVA)

Presentation of ENSP-NOVA



The National School of Public Health (ENSP-NOVA) offers post-graduate teaching and research in health related areas, namely in public health and health policy and management. Founded in 1966, the ENSP-NOVA is a pioneer institution in public health teaching in Europe.

The ENSP-NOVA invests in health promotion and in the management and innovation of health organizations. Through a broad network of national and international partnerships, it focuses on education, research, and community actions.

The School has experienced and highly reputed academic staff, integrated in various scientific areas such as Epidemiology and Statistics, Environmental and Occupational Health, Health Promotion, Health Policy, Health Management, Health Law, and Health Economics.

The ENSP-NOVA welcomes around 170 new students each year for courses of more than one year duration (doctorate, masters, specialization). The School’s students have varied undergraduate backgrounds, such as medicine, nursing, pharmacy, health technologies, management, economics, and psychology.



26 September 2018

Max. number of participants: 25


14h00 - 14h10 | Welcome to participants

14h10 - 14h20 | Presentation of ENSP-NOVA

14h20 - 15h00 | Management programs at ENSP-NOVA

15h00 - 15h20 | Visit to facilities

15h20 - 15h40 | Coffee Break

15h40 - 16h20 | Research activity at ENSP-NOVA

16h20 - 16h30 | Closing remarks

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