27th Congress of the European Association of Hospital Managers27th Congress of the European Association of Hospital Managers

Congress Theme and Topics

The Congress theme "Redefining the Role of Hospitals - Innovating in Population Health" of the 27th EAHM Congress will address innovation in population health and debate the issues concerning the redefinition of the role of hospitals in present day societies in order to facing the current challenges across the developed world and the rising demand driven in particular by:

  • The demographic changes - more people, living longer with chronic conditions and multiple co-morbidities;
  • The rising expectations of patients, the population and the politicians;
  • The increasing regulation and standards in quality and safety;
  • The rapid innovation cycle in drugs and therapeutics solutions and the consequent economic impact;
  • The need to move from service-delivery models to integrated healthcare systems;
  • The focus on outcomes and value that improve the health results of the population;
  • The empowerment of individuals to value their health and manage their own care.

The major objective of the 27th EAHM congress is to enable healthcare decision makers, leaders, thinkers, researchers and managers to explore current and future visions, ideas and actions, that can address the challenges and opportunities in healthcare systems management throughout Europe and beyond. During the 27th EAHM congress scientific programme, special focus will be given to following topics:

  • The development of People Centeredness Systems based on the needs and satisfaction of the individuals;
  • The identification and effective implementation of models, solutions, methodologies and processes of vertical and horizontal Integration of care;
  • The challenges on implementation of Innovative provision models that assure new health care solutions based on new technologies opportunities: digital era, diagnosis, therapy, communication, big data, artificial intelligence, etc.
  • The need to adopted new funding and management solutions that can ensure Financial sustainability;
  • The need to develop solutions based on Population health dynamics that assure responses to their needs.


Congress topics

The 27th EAHM Congress will include a blend of plenary sessions, round tables discussions, workshops of scientific oral communications on the major topics and also sponsored symposiums. The major topics of the 27th EAHM congress will be:


1. People Centeredness

  • Creation of person-centered cultures and needs;
  • Healthcare humanization;
  • Health and Social care – integrated approaches;
  • Patient satisfaction/experience and Patient reported outcomes;
  • Improving care for patients and families;
  • Shared decision making systems and Patient empowerment.

2. Integration of care

  • Comprehensive services across the care continuum;
  • Integrated policy-making and management;
  • Vertical integration models;
  • Integrated process-oriented teams;
  • Population health management and chronic care management;
  • Holistic care.

3. Innovative provision models

  • New care models and their impact on hospitals as we know them;
  • Empowering patients for self/home care;
  • Promoting health literacy and patient education;
  • Personalized Medicine and genome based diagnosis;
  • New digital solutions in Healthcare and artificial intelligence;
  • Technology innovation and Healthcare service design;
  • Leadership and new professionals in Healthcare;
  • Management/leadership training, development/capacity building and coaching culture.

4. Sustainability

  • Outcomes and value based models of purchasing/reimbursement;
  • Risk-sharing solutions, challenges for payers and the industry;
  • Redesigning services and processes for increased efficiency/cost saving;
  • World demographic challenges;
  • Current and future trends in epidemiology;
  • Migration health and demographic changes in Europe, and how they impact care provision.

5. Management matters

  • Competencies needed by healthcare management;
  • Leadership Competencies for healthcare managers;
  • Professionalisation of the Health Management;
  • Future competencies needed by healthcare managers to face future challenges;
  • Waste reduction strategies;
  • Change management.
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