27th Congress of the European Association of Hospital Managers27th Congress of the European Association of Hospital Managers

Dave Riley

Improvement Lead for Perfect Care, Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust, UK

Dave is a mental health nurse who has worked spent the last five years working with clinical teams to reduce the use of physical interventions when people become distressed on inpatient units. The programme that he is involved in,  ‘No Force First’ has won a number of national awards in the United Kingdom and has been recognised as a key driver for change in this critical area of care.

Dave is committed to supporting teams to come up with their own creative ideas to reduce conflict and believes that co-production, in which people who use and deliver services work together to deliver change, is the key to rebalancing power within therapeutic relationships and changing adversarial cultures which have historically impacted on recovery within clinical environments.


Prior to his current improvement role he worked in staff training around person centred, compassion based strategies to support people when they become challenging. He has contributed to a number of published articles and books related to this area of practice.


No Force First

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