27th Congress of the European Association of Hospital Managers27th Congress of the European Association of Hospital Managers

How to get there

From Lisboa Airport to Estoril/Cascais

Lisbon airport is located about 30km from Estoril/Cascais and the average travel time is about 30 minutes.
Please calculate for additional travel time if arriving/departing at rush hour (morning and late afternoon).


Airport useful link

By congress transfer 
The Local Host Organisation is offering transfer service from the Lisbon airport to the Congress Centre on Wednesday, 26 September.

Please be informed that a hostess will be expeting you at the arrival hall of Lisbon International Airport (after passing customs), carrying a EAHM sign.

There shuttle will be departing every hour, starting at 08.00 and running until 19.00.

By public transport
The journey from Lisbon Airport to Estoril by public transport is divided into two parts.
The first stage from the airport to Cais do Sodré (is a common station for metro, bus and train) and from there by train to Estoril | Cascais.
From the airport to the Cais de Sodré the option is by metro, bus or taxi. The metro/bus ticket is less than 5.00 €. A taxi ride is about 10/15 €.
The Aerobus from the airport to the Cais do Sodré station, passing through the city centre, costs 3.50 €.
The Aerobus departs every 20 min between 8:00am and 23:00pm.

From Cais do Sodré the option to go to Estoril is the train. To go to Estoril please use the train towards Cascais.

The train ride to Estoril takes about 20 min and trains depart every 15/20 min from 06:00am to 01.00am.
Buy your ticket in the ticket machines or at the counter before entering the train.
The cost for a one way ticket is about 2,10 €.

There are 2 train stations in the Estoril/Cascais area
The train station in Estoril is located about 5 min walking distance from the Congress Centre.
The train station in Cascais (final station) is located within walking distance to most hotels in Cascais.

By taxi
The taxi drive from Lisbon airport to the Estoril | Cascais area has an average cost of 35,00/40,00 € during daytime at weekdays (at night and at weekends the cost is higher).

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